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Sliced pistachios and Persian food

Mostly in Iranian food, pistachio and almond slices are used to decorate food. The presence of pistachio slices in Iranian food has caused, Iranian food is different from other countries. Iranians also use pistachio slices to decorate some sweets and ice creams. And the taste of pistachio slices is very important. To use pistachio slices in food, you must pay attention to its quality and taste.

One of the most expensive products

Pistachio slices are one of the most expensive pistachio products. To prepare sliced pistachios for export from (Peeled green pistachio kernels). Peeled green pistachio kernels are the best type of pistachio to make. Peeled green pistachio kernels are one of the most expensive types of pistachios, Due to its very green color, it has enough oil and its first-class taste.

What kind of pistachio is more suitable for homemade pistachio slices?

As mentioned, pistachio slices are one of the most expensive pistachio products. For this reason, pistachio slices can be prepared at home. But the method of preparing homemade pistachio slices is completely different from the industry.

In preparing homemade pistachio slices, you can use any type of pistachio to prepare pistachio slices. But you can use fresh pistachios to prepare homemade pistachio slices.

Fresh pistachios have a soft texture due to their freshness, which can be easily cut.

Fresh pistachios are harvested in late summer. Fresh pistachios have a red skin.

How to prepare homemade pistachio slices

Fresh pistachios have three skins. When you get the red skin of fresh pistachios and you have to take the hard skin of it as well.

Take the third skin of this pistachio so that you can cut its green core. The green kernel of this pistachio is completely soft and is completely ready for cutting and slicing.

After slicing the green kernel of this pistachio, put the obtained slices at room temperature to dry. Be careful if you dry the slices in the sun. The slices become very dry and lose their softness. So the best way is to dry at room temperature.

The most famous Iranian dessert with pistachio and almond slices

The most famous Iranian dessert that is used in celebrations and special occasions is called (yellow flame). In this dessert, they use sliced almonds and pistachios.

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