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Can the properties of pistachio be used in traditional medicine?

Can the properties of pistachio be used in traditional medicine

Health properties of pistachio: The properties of pistachios have been proven in traditional medicine. The US Food and Drug Administration has approved the properties of pistachios to improve heart health. Pistachio kernels are blood-forming due to their iron content. Pistachios are warm and dry in nature and contain a lot of plant protein, And because of the starch and plant materials such as potassium and magnesium, which meet many of the body’s needs.


Properties of pistachio skin

Pistachio green skin has different properties, the properties of pistachio green skin also have a therapeutic aspect in traditional medicine. And it is recommended to use it to treat some diseases.

You can use it to treat oral problems. For example, if you suffer from bad breath, you can use green pistachio skin to remove it and also chewing it is very suitable for healing wounds in the mouth.

To strengthen the gums, you can apply pistachio green skin on your gums. To strengthen your gums.

Among the properties of pistachio green skin, the following can be mentioned:

Eliminates bad breath

Heal wounds inside the mouth by chewing it

Gum strength

Eliminate the state of chaotic heart

Brew it to relieve diarrhea

Brew it to relieve hiccups

Disadvantages of overuse of pistachios

As we mentioned the properties of pistachios. Excessive consumption of pistachios per day can be harmful to health.

Excessive consumption of pistachios causes the blood to become dirty. And for people with high levels of triglycerides, excessive consumption of pistachios is not recommended.

And people with weak liver failure and people with gout, diabetes and kidney disease should avoid eating too much pistachios.

Useful warnings about eating fresh pistachios

Minimize the consumption of fresh pistachios. And you should keep in mind that the skin of a pistachio that has just been picked from the tree should be removed from the pistachio at least 24 hours after picking.

Otherwise it will be a breeding ground for carcinogenic fungi. You can buy raw pistachios and peel them and wash the raw pistachio kernels with whole water and then dry them.

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